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Co-op partners with Energy Education Council's Safe Electricity program

The majority of electrical accidents can be prevented if people take the necessary steps to be safe. That is why Safe Electricity®, the Energy Education Council’s (EEC’s) award-winning program, works to increase awareness of these safety steps and enhance attitudes toward safety through a variety of attention-getting resources. EEC-Safe Electricity is pleased to welcome Valley Rural Electric Cooperative as its newest member and applauds the utility for its dedication to safety.

As an EEC-Safe Electricity member, Valley is joining hundreds of other utilities across the country in increasing awareness, decreasing injuries and saving lives. The partnership demonstrates a strong commitment to a culture of safety that includes the utility and its employees, communities and consumers. Among the educational resources provided by EEC-Safe Electricity are videos, social media tools, multimedia material, and vetted safety articles.

"Electricity is a major part of our daily lives and essential to our modern lifestyle. When electricity does the work it is intended to do, the benefits are enormous. Yet it must be respected, or the consequences can be devastating," explains Molly Hall, executive director of EEC and its Safe Electricity program. "We commend Valley Rural Electric Cooperative for partnering in this vital effort to expand awareness and equip consumers with life-saving information."

Safe Electricity logoThe user-friendly website is a source of timely and vital electrical safety information. Visitors to the site find a variety of resources, such as streamed videos, a library of articles, interactive games and teacher resources.

The Safe Electricity program is known for its videos, which share stories of real people affected by electrical accidents or close calls with electricity. Safety topics addressed include car accidents with power poles, farm and large equipment safety, downed power line safety, storm safety, digging safety, electric shock drowning and more.

"By bringing together the resources of hundreds of electric utilities, a premier educational institution and other organizations that share a common interest, a unique and high-quality educational public awareness program has been created – one that continues to grow," adds Hall. "Valley's membership in EEC-Safe Electricity helps support our collective goal of creating a safer, smarter world."

Links to the Safe Electricity website can be found at the bottom of each page of Valley's website and under the Safety tab in the main navigation menu. And watch for electrical safety and efficiency items on the co-op's website and Facebook page and at the co-op's offices and events.

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The Energy Education Council is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting electrical safety and energy efficiency. Established in 1952, the Council serves as a forum for diverse utility and energy organizations to collaborate on these mutually vital energy issues of efficiency and safety. Learn more at

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