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Water Heater Rebates and Sales


Valley Rural Electric Cooperative offers rebates to members who purchase a new electric storage tank water heater. The amount of the rebate varies by the brand and size of the device.

Rebate Offers

  • For Marathon® water heaters:
    • A rebate of $3 per gallon (for tanks from 40 to 79 gallons)
    • A rebate of $4 per gallon (for tanks that hold 80 gallons or more)
  • For non-Marathon water heaters:
    • A rebate of $2 per gallon (for tanks from 40 to 79 gallons)
    • A rebate of $3 per gallon (for tanks that hold 80 gallons or more)


To qualify for a rebate, a member must meet several requirements.

  • The water heater must have a capacity of 40 gallons or higher.
  • The tank's energy factor must be 0.9 or higher.
  • The member must supply the co-op with a copy of the invoice or receipt.
  • The member must agree to participate in the co-op's demand response program.


Valley REC offers to members Rheem® Marathon® electric storage tank water heaters for purchase. Prices for non-members are slightly higher. The water heaters are available in sizes ranging from 30 gallons to 105 gallons. These highly efficient units are a great fit for the co-op's demand response program because power can be shut off to them during load control periods with minimal heat loss. Marathon units of 40 gallons or larger also qualify for the co-op's rebate program.

Construction Features

Rheem Marathon water heaterThe water heaters feature 2-1/2 inches of polyurethane foam insulation. Marathon states the units allow only five degrees of standby heat loss in a 24-hour period. The units also boast a lifetime tank warranty. The seamless, blow-molded polybutene inner tank will not rust or corrode according to the manufacturer.

  • Energy-saving Pipe Wrap Kit – reduces heat loss through plumbing lines
  • Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve – factory installed
  • Water Resistant Grommets – keep out overhead moisture and condensation
  • Seamless Molded Non-metallic Inner Tank – can't rust or corrode
  • Fill (Dip) Tube – high temperature commercial grade dip tube for greater durability
  • High-tech Heating Elements - upper element with built-in fuse protects tank against "dry fire;" bottom element is long-life, low-watt density titanium
  • Polyethylene Outer Jacket – "car bumper tough" to resist dents and scratches during transit, installation, and beyond
  • Filament-wound Fiberglass Tank – has unmatched strength
  • Bowl-shaped tank bottom - for more complete sediment draining
  • Recessed Drain Valve – out of the way of brooms, feet, and ankles

Click the image of the water heater for a view of the interior.


All prices include 6% sales tax.

Size Part Number Member Price Non-member Price
30 gallons MR30245 $970.54 $1,010.98
40 gallons MR40245 $983.26 $1,024.23
50 gallons MR50245 $1,032.86 $1,075.90
50 gallons short MSR50245 $1,165.15 $1,213.70
85 gallons grid-enabled MRG85245 $1,406.83 $1,465.45
105 gallons grid-enabled MRG105245 $1,577.28 $1,643.00
50 gallons heat pump PROPH50 T2 RH350 DCB $1,563.29 $1,628.43
65 gallons heat pump PROPH65 T2 RH350 DCB $1,958.88 $2,040.50
80 gallons heat pump PROPH80 T2 RH350 DCB $2,354.47 $2,452.58

Manufacturer's Publications

More details about Marathon residential water heaters are available in these publications.


Valley stocks 50-gallon and 85-gallon units at the co-op. Orders for other sizes normally should be filled within three weeks. Members who purchase a water heater can pick up their unit at the nearest district office. To get more information or to purchase a water heater, please contact the co-op at 800-432-0680 or email Member Services.

Product Website

Additional information about Marathon water heaters is available on Rheem's website.

Please note that the Rheem link will open in a new browser window or tab. Valley Rural Electric Cooperative is not responsible for the content of Rheem's pages.

Rheem® and Marathon® are registered trademarks of Rheem Manufacturing Company.

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