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Energy saving tips for winter

A snowy landscape with a country road passing by a red barn and a stand of evergreen treesThe winter solstice marks the start of winter, the shortest period of daylight, and the longest period of darkness. While the hours of nighttime and the need for lighting start decreasing, heating costs can start increasing as the coldest months arrive. Here are some tips to save energy and money during the winter season.

Use electric space heaters wisely to avoid shocking your energy budget

Give your extension cord some respect

November 20, 2018

Next time you reach into the deep abyss of your junk drawer for an extension cord, what should you be thinking? (Besides the fleeting thought that it's time to clean out that junk drawer?) You should be giving your extension cord some love by inspecting it before you use it. Make sure it doesn't have any signs of wear like cracks or fraying. And if you can't remember when you purchased it, it's probably time to replace it.

Beware of electrical dangers when decorating for Halloween

Christmas is no longer the only holiday that we bring out lights and yard decorations to show our festive spirit. Halloween has become a time to string up lights, plug in fog machines, light up those electric-powered decorations, and create a yard that is scare-worthy to any trick-or-treater that may stop by. But beware of the hidden electrical dangers that could spoil your holiday.

Fight back against scams

Scammers are targeting energy consumers everywhere. They often call threatening to shut off power unless payment is made immediately. Or they may call saying you overpaid and ask for credit card or bank info to provide a credit or refund. Some scammers fake or spoof Caller ID information to make the call seem like it is coming from another phone number, even the actual number of the utility company.

Never give out personal information to anyone who calls claiming to be from your utility!

It's 2018's National Co-op Month!

October is co-op month. Live cooperatively. October is National Co-op Month. This event recognizes the advantages of membership in a cooperative and the benefits cooperatives supply to their members and to their communities.

What does it mean to be a member of a cooperative?

It's a matter of principles, seven to be exact.

National Co-op Connections Day is October 5

Get involved and save big when you use your
Co-op Connections® Card.

National Co-op Connections Day - Celebrate on October 5th -

Being prepared for disasters includes safety planning

September is National Preparedness Month

Each September, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) shares information on how to stay safe during National Preparedness Month. The first step in safety preparation is creating communication plans. Communication is vital to staying safe. Rather than prepare for every possible event, you can strengthen your communications so that you best react in a variety of emergencies.

Visit our booth at these 2018 local fairs

Visit our booth at these two county fairs: the Huntingdon County Fair and the Juniata County Fair. Check out what you can do to save on energy costs and improve energy efficiency. You can also obtain information about demand response and our new energy services program and on-staff electricians. Children can pick up a green, light-up rubber ball while supplies last.

Members receiving packages of free lightbulbs

Valley Rural Electric Cooperative members started receiving packages of lightbulbs this week in their mailboxes. Part of an energy efficiency initiative launched by the 14 electric cooperatives in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and Allegheny Electric Cooperative, the co-ops' wholesale electricity supplier, the free bulbs should save members about $5.50 a year per bulb* (when used three hours a day).


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