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Residential Bill

Bills are sent to members during the first ten days of the month. Each paper bill is perforated so it can be torn into two sections. Important information appears on both sides of the bill, so remember to check both the front and the back.

Front of the Bill

Billing DetailFront of Sample Bill

The top section of the bill is the billing detail and is furnished for your records. Your electric use, itemized charges, and other messages appear here.

Left side

On the left side of this portion of the bill appears information about your electric use.

Located directly under Valley's contact information and your address is the "Electric Use Profile." It contains, in the form of a bar graph, your history of monthly energy use for the last thirteen bills. Each bar shows the kilowatt-hours (kWh) used for that particular month. Above the graph are your total yearly use and your average monthly use for the past 12 months. We hope that variations in your Electric Use Profile will help alert you to the effects of weather, appliance changes, and lifestyle on your consumption.

Under the Electric Use Profile is your recent use information. Here you will find the previous and current readings, the reading multiplier, and the kilowatt-hour consumption for each meter at your account.

Right side

On the right side of this portion of the bill appear the itemized charges. Listed first are your account's previous balance, any payments that you have made since your last bill, and any other credits to your account. Basic charges appear next. These include the basic monthly charge and the charges for generation and transmission and for distribution. These charges are based upon the electric consumption detailed on the left side of this section. Non-basic charges appear next and include area lights, fees, sales tax, and so on. The total amount due appears at the bottom of the charges.

Payment Stub

The bottom section of the bill is the payment stub. The "Pay by" amount on the stub is due if you pay the bill on or before the payment due date for your account. After the payment due date, the "Pay after" amount is due, which includes a penalty fee of 1.5 percent or $3 (whichever is greater) added to the total. Please enter the amount of the payment that you are making on the line provided on the stub.

If you plan to mail your payment, you need to fill in the payment amount, detach the stub, and mail it with your payment in the envelope enclosed with your bill. You may also bring the stub with your payment to one of our offices that accepts payments in person.

Back of the Bill

Top portionBack of Sample Bill

On the back of the bill are definitions of terms that appear on the front side of the bill. Important messages may also appear on the back of the bill. These messages may deal with safety issues, may explain a new or infrequent item on your bill, or may advise you of information regarding your account.

Bottom portion

On the back of the payment stub is a place to note any address or telephone number changes. Always keep us up-to-date with your current address and phone number.

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