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Generator Transfer Switches

GenerLink generator transfer switch Make sure your generator is connected safely to your home electrical system with a transfer switch, and you'll weather any power outage with peace of mind. A transfer switch ensures that the generator does not back feed co-op lines, a situation that endangers line workers and equipment.

A transfer switch is also one of the easiest ways to provide power to your home during an outage. It eliminates the need to run awkward and dangerous extension cords between your generator and appliances. Some items, like furnaces and well pumps, cannot be connected to a generator using an extension cord, so a transfer switch is the easiest and safest way to connect these items.

Valley Rural Energy Services, a suite of energy services offered by Valley REC, sells and installs GenerLink transfer switches. The GenerLink is a UL-listed meter-mounted transfer switch that allows customers to connect a portable generator safely to their home without rewiring. Installation often takes less than 30 minutes and comes with a 20-foot cord. An optional surge module is also available.

If a generator connection is in your future, contact our electricians at 800-432-0680 for more information on using a transfer switch to make the connection.

GenerLink is a trademark of Global Power Products.

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