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Directors and Districts

Valley REC’s service area is divided into nine districts. One member from each district is elected by the members to serve on the cooperative’s board of directors for a three-year term.

Board of Directors

Map of the director districts of Valley REC

  • James R. Stauffer, District 2
    Allegheny/CCS Director
  • Kevin R. States, District 3
  • Cindy D. Bigelow, District 9
  • Robert W. Holmes, District 5
  • Leroy A. Barnes, District 6
    PREA Director
  • Randall B. Huntsman, District 1
  • Gregory M. Henry, District 7
  • Linda J. McMath, District 8
  • Joanne Whitsel, District 4

This map shows the townships and boroughs that comprise each director district within the service territory of Valley REC. In the Director Districts section, the municipalities in each district are listed along with that district's director.

Director Districts

District 1

Randall B. Huntsman

Bedford County

Townships: Bloomfield, Woodbury

Blair County

Townships: Blair, Huston, North Woodbury, Taylor, Woodbury

District 2

James R. Stauffer

Huntingdon County

Townships: Brady, Henderson, Juniata, Smithfield, Union
Borough: Mill Creek

Mifflin County

Townships: Granville, Oliver, Wayne

District 3

Kevin R. States

Bedford County

Township: Liberty

Huntingdon County

Townships: Carbon, Hopewell, Lincoln, Penn, Todd, Walker
Borough: Marklesburg

District 4

Joanne Whitsel

Huntingdon County

Townships: Cass, Clay, Cromwell, Shirley, Springfield
Boroughs: Cassville, Saltillo, Three Springs

District 5

Robert W. Holmes

Centre County

Townships: Ferguson, Harris

Huntingdon County

Townships: Barree, Franklin, Jackson, Logan, Miller, Morris, Oneida, Porter, Spruce Creek, Warriors Mark, West

District 6

Leroy A. Barnes

Bedford County

Townships: Kimmel, Pavia

Blair County

Townships: Freedom, Greenfield, Juniata

District 7

Gregory M. Henry

Franklin County

Townships: Metal, Peter

Fulton County

Townships: Ayr, Belfast, Bethel, Dublin, Licking Creek, Taylor, Todd

District 8

Linda J. McMath

Huntingdon County

Townships: Dublin, Tell

Juniata County

Townships: Beale, Lack, Spruce Hill, Turbett, Tuscarora

District 9

Cindy D. Bigelow

Blair County

Townships: Allegheny, Catharine, Frankstown, Tyrone

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