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Residential Rates

Effective with bills mailed on or after January 31, 2018

Basic Charges

Charge Rate
Basic monthly charge $28
Generation/Transmission (energy sold) $.0487 per kWh
Generation ownership charge $.0193 per kWh
Distribution (energy delivered) $.0315 per kWh
Total price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) $.0995 per kWh

Excluding any purchased power adjustment, sales tax, or other fees or charges, a residential member who uses 750 kWh per month will receive a bill of $102.63 per month, while one who uses 1,000 kWh per month will receive a bill of $127.50 per month.

Refer to the Definitions page for explanations of these charges.

Non-Basic Charges

Area Lights Available For Installation

The following equipment is available for installation and maintenance.

Size of Light Monthly Rate
55 Watt light-emitting diode (LED) $9.10
151 Watt light-emitting diode (LED) $12.20

Area Lights No Longer Available For Installation or Maintenance

The following equipment is no longer available and will no longer be maintained. If a light must be replaced, it will be changed to a 55 or 151 Watt LED fixture.

Size of Light Monthly Rate
40 Watt light-emitting diode (LED) $9.10
138 Watt light-emitting diode (LED) $12.20
185 Watt light-emitting diode (LED) $13.10
100 Watt high pressure sodium $9.10
150 Watt high pressure sodium $11.20
250 Watt high pressure sodium $12.20
400 Watt high pressure sodium $13.10
100 Watt mercury vapor $7.75
175 Watt mercury vapor $9.15
250 Watt mercury vapor $13.20
400 Watt mercury vapor $16.65

Additional Area Lighting Fees

  • If an area light requires a separate pole or post, the consumer will be charged an additional fee of $2 per month for each pole or post.
  • If an area light requires a separate transformer, the consumer will be charged an additional fee of $4.50 per month.
  • If a member requests that an area light be moved, he or she will be responsible for the costs of the relocation.

Rate Stability

Everyday Value (HD) from Touchstone Energy Cooperatives on Vimeo.

Transcript of Everyday Value Video

Additional Information

For answers to some frequently asked questions about the rates, view the FAQs About Rates page.

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