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Transcript of Connections Video

Uploaded to Vimeo by Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives on May 7, 2013

Video description:

Three young ladies are sitting at a restaurant counter. The server sets down several beverages. One of the ladies shows the server her Co-op Connections® Card, and the server acknowledges it with a nod, a point of his index finger, and a smile.

Later, the server walks up to a pharmacy counter. The pharmacist hands the server a filled prescription, and the server presents his Co-op Connections Card. The pharmacist acknowledges it and smiles.


Touchstone Energy co-op members can save up to 85 percent off prescriptions and everyday purchases when you show your Co-op Connections Card at local businesses.

Video description:

Later, the pharmacist is standing at an auto repair shop and shows his Co-op Connections Card to the shop clerk. The clerk nods and smiles, and he adjusts the cost on his computer.

Later, the repair shop clerk is purchasing bags of feed at a feed store. He presents his Co-op Connections Card to the woman totaling his invoice, and she completes the transaction with a handshake and a smile.


Finding ways to save you money, that's the power of your co-op membership. Learn more at Connections dot co-op.

Video description:

The words Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives appear followed by the web address

Narrator text copyright © 2013 Touchstone Energy. Video description text copyright © 2016 Valley Rural Electric Cooperative. All rights reserved.

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