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Transcript of Everyday Value Video

Uploaded to Vimeo by Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives on May 7, 2013

Video description:

A car pulls up to the gas pumps at a 24-hour diner and gas station.

Words appear. Average car $665.00. The price rapidly increases to $25,015.00.

Focus shifts to the car's tires. The words change. Tires $3.69 each. The price rapidly increases to $150.00 each.

The driver exits the car, and focus shifts to the gas pump as he removes the hose. The words change. Gas $0.10 per gallon. The price rapidly increases to $3.61 per gallon.

The driver enters the diner, and focus shifts to strips of bacon frying on a griddle. The words change. Bacon $0.38 per pound. The price rapidly increases to $4.51 per pound.


The cost of everything has gone up dramatically over the last 75 years …

Video description:

Focus shifts to eggs frying in a skillet. The words change. Eggs $0.27 per dozen. The price rapidly increases to $1.97 per dozen.

The driver sits in a booth in the diner and drinks a cup of coffee. The words change. Coffee $0.15 per pound. The price rapidly increases to $7.43 per pound.


… with one exception.

Video description:

A plate of food is placed on a counter under three heat lamps. The words change. Electricity $0.05 per kWh. The digits of the price slowly tick upward to $0.11 per kWh.


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Video description:

The words Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives appear followed by the web address

Narrator text copyright © 2013 Touchstone Energy. Video description text copyright © 2016 Valley Rural Electric Cooperative. All rights reserved.

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